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The Farmax SRP spader is specially designed for use in growing trees, fruit and vegetables.

The narrower models are suitable for use in greenhouses and vineyards. Thanks to its robust design, the SR requires little maintenance.

Excellent rotavation results

The Farmax SRP tills the soil in such a way that plough pans and disruptive layers are completely broken out and mixed by the construction furrow. This results in an optimal soil structure and increases crop yields.

Optional Rotary Harrow

The machine is available with a powered rotary harrow. This beds the soil down firmly and creates a marvellous crumbled surface for planting or sowing.

Drive to main axle (rotor): sprocket wheel transmission on both sides of the machine. These are driven by the transmission case with its differential.
Power take-off revs: 540 r.p.m.
Tractor power: 30 to 60 HP


  • Robust, sound design requiring little maintenance

  • Extra crop yield

  • No plough pans

  • Improved tilth

  • Highly manoeuvrable, low power requirement

  • Produces even sowing or planting bed in one go

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