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Rapide Trailed

The Farmax Rapide Trailed is a trailed spader with an operating width of no less than 4.5 metres.

This spader was specially developed for the Australian market. The Rapide Trailed can hold its own in all conditions, with an excellent tilling result and exceptional capacity. With a maximum tilling depth of 40 cm, the Rapide Trailed tills heavy sand and clay soils quickly and without problems.

Consistent rotavation depth, optimum groundwater management

The Rapide Trailed is equipped as standard with a tyre roller consisting of two arrays of 8 tyres. This tyre roller guarantees a consistent rotavation depth and ensures that the ground is properly rolled after tilling. Furthermore, it ensures perfect restoration of groundwater management.

Super fast and extra manoeuvrable

With a maximum towing speed of 8 km/hour, the Rapide Trailed is a really fast spader. The drive line is designed in such a way that the rotor can easily continue to to turn, even when the machine is at an oblique angle behind the tractor.

Total weight: 7,500 kg
Drive: transmission case fitted with differential, extra heavy-duty drive line
Capacity: up to 3.4 hectares per hour
Power take-off revs: 1,000 r.p.m.
Tractor power: 200 to 300 HP


  • Extra high capacity, thanks to very wide span

  • Low maintenance and very user-friendly

  • Tills heavy sand and clay soils without any problem

  • Specially designed tyre roller restores the groundwater management and guarantees consistent rotavation depth

  • Towing speed up to 8 km/hour

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