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The Farmax Rapide tills heavy sand, clay and even stony soils quickly and without problems. The Rapide is a very heavyweight design and has PE plating to prevent clogging of the machinery.

With an operating span of 3 to 4 metres, the Rapide gives fantastic results, even at high speeds. A really fast spader!

Comes as standard with numerous options

The Rapide is equipped as standard with a hydraulically adjustable rotary harrow, a packer roller, a ring roller or a rotary cultivator. It is even possible to fit a second hydraulically adjustable roller for even better results on any soil type. Thanks to the many possible combinations, the machine has a high capacity and can reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.


The specially designed combi-scrapers ensure that soil adhesion (which mainly occurs with clay soils) is prevented. The Rapide improves the soil structure and the soil quality. This increases crop yields by 10 to 20%

Drive to main axle (rotor): sprocket wheel transmission.
Capacity: Up to 2 hectares per hour in optimum conditions
Power take-off revs: 1,000 r.p.m., differential in transmission case
Tractor power: 200 to 300 HP


  • Very rapid rotavation with retention of quality

  • Problem-free tillage on heavier soil types

  • Reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the many possible combinations

  • Combi-scrapers or a better rotavation result

  • Many combinations possible at the same time

  • Very user-friendly and easy to maintain

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