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Vredo | Sport Series

Vredo | Sport Series

This 2.2 metre Vredo Sport Series Overseeder is THE specialist Overseeder for grass playing surfaces for sports. Thanks to its double seed hopper and large cutting discs, which have no problem with loose soil, the sports field contractor is able to overseed whole pitches with a high seed dosage in a short time and still obtain optimum, uniform and quick growth.

Perfection in a short space of time is what counts when overseeding sports fields or gold fairways. Every professional club or amateur society wants strong, green turf. The 3.5 cm inter-row distance enables fast overseeding of any field. Strong goalmouths and centre spots can also be successfully renovated with the Vredo Sport series.


    • The Vredo Sport is available in the following model:

    • DZ 222.03.5, with a working width of 2.5 meter
    • New Led-lightning
    • The seed hopper is provided with round shapes, this gives the machine a new streamlined look and also makes sure that the seed slides easily into the cam wheel.
    • The valve is equipped with gas springs, which see to a controlled closing of the seed hopper.
    • Furthermore are the seed settings equipped with a spindle, to simplify the operation.
    • A working with of 2.2 m and working speed of approximately 18 km/h ensures a high output. The compact design makes it possible to transport the machine on a trailer and allows easy access through entrances. The old turf is preserved; seed is deposited at the correct depth and in the correct quantity in the existing turf. Bent grass (Agrostis Tenuis) can be deposited at  2-3 mm. Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium Perenne) is sown at 7-10 mm.

      Innovations of the Vredo Sport Series

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