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Prodig | Bag Filler

Prodig | Bag Filler

The Prodig Forklift Bag Filler Bucket is a unique attachment to utilise your forklift to pick up loose free flowing material, fill and move bulk bags which increases productivity and eliminates spillages. This unit can be fitted with load cells allowing it to weigh the material filled into bulk bags.

The Forklift Bag Filler is an all in one unit used to load loose free flowing material (Seed, Ration, Fertilizer etc.) into a hopper, weigh the material and fill it in to a bulk bag ready for sale or distribution. This is all carried out from a single unit mounted on the front of a standard fork lift. This unit dramatically speeds up the operation of filling bulk bags, it allows smaller businesses to supply customers in bulk bag format without the need for a bagging plant or weighbridge
• Available in 0.6m³, 1.0m³ & 1.4m³ capacity to suit different size bags.
• Designed to fill various types of loose free flowing materials into bulk bags with ease using your forklift.
• Economical one-person operation to fill and move bags with your forklift.
• Multiple options available for weigh load system, including display only & receipt printer.
• Hardened steel 150mm x 20mm cutting edge with wear strips on bucket floor

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