Pneumatically driven & dosed overseeder available in two working widths of 2.5 meters and 2.9 meters. Ideal for dairy farmers and agricultural contractors who need to overseed a relatively modest number of acres/hectares on hilly and uneven pastures.

The Agri Air is perfect for smaller pastures with slopes or undulating terrain. Extremely stable and manoeuvrable, the Agri Air features a pneumatic hopper which channels the seed directly to the cam wheel. Changing seed types and resetting the reliable calibration is done in the blink of an eye. The Agri Air also looks the part, thanks to the Vredo attention to style and detail!


  • The DZ Agri Air Series is available in two models:

    • DZ 325.075 AGRI AIR (450L) with a working width of 2.5 meters
    • DZ 329.075 AGRI AIR (450L) with a working width of 2.9 meters

    These overseeding machines can be equipped with a smooth roller or a special packer ring roller, for following undulations on rough, stony surfaces. The two sections pivot and every pair of discs is separately suspended, which results in the machine being able to follow undulating land accurately.