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Hygiene & Animal Care

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MS T&T Cleaner (Truck & Trailer) is a very powerful and safe cleaning agent for the cleaning of any means of transport (e.g. cars, trucks, trailers, tractors) and lacquered surfaces (e.g. agricultural implements and milking robots).

  • Excellent dirt removal at low concentrations

  • Difficult soiling (flies, dried residues) can be quickly and completely removed after soaking for a short time

  • Safe for painted surfaces

  • Biodegradable

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Foamkit B

Foamkit B is a specially assembled set, consisting of

  • 1x Foam gun LS10, 1.8 mm, 2 L (DYEFB)

  • 1x Quick connector Kew/Alto Profi 1/4"

  • 2x Coupling kew/alto, 1/4" female thread

  • 1x Adapter 2x 1/4" male thread

  • 1x Teflon Tape

  • 1x Drain tap 61 mm for 25 L can

  • 1x Packaging Foamkit B

  • 1x Seal Stamps

  • 1x Folder Foamkit Canada

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Top Foam

MS Topfoam LC ALK is a powerful foaming cleaner with unique adhesive properties and a very long contact time, developed for use in pig, cattle and poultry farming.

  • Superior adhesion, contact time of up to 60 minutes

  • Removes fat, protein, manure, feed, urine and even light limescale deposits

  • Can be combined with low pressure cleaning

  • Can save up to 30% in actual working time and water product consumption while maintaining a clean end result. 

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MS Drycare Plus

MS DryCare Plus is an instant drying powder for quick moisture absorption, a clean living environment and a pleasant smell. MS DryCare has been developed for use in pig, cattle and poultry farming.

  • Highly absorbent (200%)

  • Reduction of infection levels

  • Pleasant fragrance

  • Clean living environment

  • Improved animal health

  • Contributes to optimal animal comfort

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MS Hoof Trim Chute Premium Plus

The MS Hoof Trimming Chute Premium Plus 110V is a fully electric approved cattle crush that meets all safety requirements as set out by DLG and BG.

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MS Support 

MS Support is a feed supplement that contains substances that include niacin and choline.

MS Support contains 100% plant based glycerol, in a purified form.

  • CFIA certified

  • It is a tasty alternative for propylene glycol

  • Niacin contributes to normal energy metabolism

  • Niacin helps to release energy from the feed

  • Choline is beneficial for homocysteine metabolism

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