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DRP Perfect

The Farmax DRP Perfect is a medium-class spader, perfectly suited for horticulture, tree nurseries and agriculture on lighter soils.

This spader comes in various working widths and can easily be fitted with a hydraulically adjustable rotary harrow, rotary cultivator, ring roller, tube roller or packer roller. Regardless of the soil type, the DRP Perfect guarantees you the best bed for sowing or planting!

Digging and sowing in one operation

The DRP Perfect can be combined with a sowing machine so as to perform all the required operations in one step. The sowing machine is easily attached using a number of fixed mounting points, but you can also opt for a top-mounted lift to bring the sowing machine closer to the tractor. These combination possibilities help to save fuel.

Versatile and easy to maintain

The spader is designed for perfect ease of maintenance. It also incorporates inspection hatches in the chain case for easy monitoring of the condition of the chain transmission. Thanks to the compact structure of the DRP Perfect, the machine’s centre of gravity lies close to your tractor.

The PE covering prevents the machine getting blocked up. With this spader, structural damage, such as a plough pan or compaction of the subsoil, is a thing of the past. Altogether, this results in a 10-20% increase in crop yield.

Drive to main axle (rotor): Transmission case with differential
Capacity: Up to 1.2 hectare per hour in optimum conditions
Power take-off revs: 540 r.p.m.
Tractor power: 80 to 120 HP


  • Easily combined with other machinery

  • High capacity

  • Compact, low-maintenance and user-friendly design

  • PE coverage to prevent blockage

  • Suitable for multiple soil types, from sand to light clay

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