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Multiva disc cultivators represent the finest in cultivation techniques, designed in the heart of the clay fields of the south-western Finland. The disc cultivator models are designed for demanding and varying cultivating conditions to meet the needs of modern farms.

The development of Multiva disc cultivators has concentrated on suitability for all conditions and soils. In Finland, the basic cultivation conditions may vary wildly from year to year. Well-thought-out and tested details enable the capability of the cultivator to be improved significantly under extreme conditions. Special attention has also been paid to durability. The unique structural solutions of Multiva disc cultivators, such as their strong frame, sprung disc arms and tight, maintenance-free disc bearings, make the cultivator a durable tool for years to come.

The use of a disc cultivator is easy and efficient. Straws can be earthed with a very shallow cultivation depth. In addition, a disc cultivator operates well at high speeds, which makes it the most cost-efficient solution for primary tillage.

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